Pop cake Nutella

Pop cake Nutella. This Nutella cake pops recipe is a delicious twist on regular cake pops. These candies are made with moist chocolate cake and Nutella and topped with chopped hazelnuts. If you prefer, you can skip the lollipop sticks and turn them into Nutella cake balls!

Pop cake Nutella Can be served to young and old alike. Perfect for your children's birthday parties, the recipe for Nutella® Cake Pops is fun and extremely colourful. Beat the eggs together with the sugar and the softened butter. You can cook Pop cake Nutella using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Pop cake Nutella

  1. It’s 1 of cake du commerce.
  2. Prepare of Nutella.
  3. It’s of Chocolat fondu (noir ou lait ou blanc).
  4. You need of Décors.

Put in the flour mixed with the baking powder.. Dip the cake pops into a bowl of Nutella® and cover the surface. Finally, dip them into a plate of hundreds and thousands or grains. Pop Culture Lifestyle Healthy Living Thanks!

Pop cake Nutella step by step

  1. Mixer le cake, ajouter du Nutella légèrement chauffer pour former une pâte..
  2. Former des boules et mettre un bâtonnets attention ce sera fragile, mettre au frigo un bon moment ou congélateur de façon a ce que le tous fige bien.
  3. Plongez les sucettes dans le chocolat fondu tiède, laissez refroidir un peu et décorez.

If you have some leftover sponge cake, you can make the cake pops, original treats that will make any kid happy! If you make this cake pops for kids, you can use jam instead of nutella. Receta Cake pops (Tartas en piruletas) – Recetas de cocina, paso a paso, tutorial. A bite-size experience that will rock your taste buds. Delicious Nutella spread combined with cake crumbs, forming small little to-die-for balls on a stick..